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The Sui Southern Gas Company was founded in 1955. The company in its current system was formed on March 30, 1989, following a sequence of mixtures of three pioneering companies, namely Sui Gas Transmission Company Limited, Karachi Gas Company Limited and Indus Gas Company Limited. Its main head office is in Karachi.

SSGC Bills Online

If you are looking for SSGC Bills complete information then you have come to the right place because here on this page, we will provide all the detailed information regarding SSGC Pakistan.

Most of the Questions which people ask are:

How to Download Duplicate Sui Gas Bill?

How can you get Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC duplicate bill?

How to download SSGC duplicate bill 2019?

How to get Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC Bills print /online copy?

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Download SSGC Bills online

How can you download the SSGC bill and then print it? Now the time has changed internet technology has made everything easy by online customer services, now it is an easy task to download the duplicate bill online. The Internet made it easier like 123 for all consumers to get all the facilities online in one click while sitting at home or anywhere from their mobiles or computers.

If you want to get online bills duplicate copy/ print, you should read this page carefully till the end because it will help you a lot to get the exact copies of your bills without any time wastage and difficulty. It will help you to get the precise duplicate of your bill without any trouble. Mostly it happens that statement is misplaced somewhere, or you cannot find it actually, or the situations are awful.

You can now view your SSGC bills online, Pay your bills online or even order new connection.

Click here to do SSGC Bill Payment Online

You can also submit an SSGC complaint online including sui gas leakage complain by contacting their billing department or Fill the complaint form from the link given below

Click here to submit SSGC complaint online

you can download SSGC Duplicate bill from our website or visit the official website of SSGL than wasting your time by visiting the SSGC office. SSGC has a portal that is designed to specially manage a link that is helping out its consumers to provide a facility to download an online print copy of SSGC duplicate bill 2019.

view download ssgc bill

To download the duplicate bill of your SSGC bill kindly read these following steps and procedures carefully.

  1. First of all, bring any previous old bill of SSGC Sui of your home or any desired connection
  2. On top of that bill, you will see ten digits of the customer number
  3. Click on the link to and go to the view bill tab
  4. Once the connection has open kindly enter your 10-digit code manually.
  5. After entering the 10-digit code in the bar, you have to select any of the correct options which are as below
  • Yes, I received the Bill
  • No, I have not received the gas bill yet
  • I am not sure/ I don’t know (recommended)
  1. Selecting the best option which is according to your view then you have to click on the picture your bill
  2. Your bill is showing to you and you can either get print of your bill by clicking on the print option given in the top right corner of the page. Or you can check it online

We hope that it now becomes easy after all the given information above about how to get SSGC duplicate bill. And by following this procedure, you can get your online copy. So in case If you don’t receive SSGC bill of the current month or you have lost it. You no need to worry about it. We have got this problem solved for you, just follow the procedure below so you can get rid of this problem.

If you follow all these steps carefully, you will surely get your bill. And this bill will be acceptable anywhere. If these steps work for you to share this with other people as well to help them too. On just in case you have any difficulty and any questions still about the steps or method feel free to ask. You can view your SSGC Online bills by the link given below.

View /Download SSGL Bill Online Print /Duplicate Copy


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